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Sierra Auckland

Stunning honey blonde Californian beauty When I turned 20, a thought struck me I realised that for at least the next 20 years I was going to be the most beautiful, the most free, the most capable that I would be for the remainder of my life. I promised to live my life to its fullest potential; to feel like I have lived a 100 lives in my one. My life has, and continues to be, intense. Every day, I wake up early and go to sleep late. My days are full and never dull. Spare moments are hard to find, but I make time for those who request it of me. I am professionally qualified and have lived the desk life, but opted out for one where I was more in control of my own fate (or at least my day to day). I fell in love with escorting, as well as the world and the people it has introduced me to. My body is fit and toned from years of endurance and adventure sports; my mind is trained and focused from years of academia.

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